Welcome to Balaji Healthcare's Radiology Department. We are committed to providing trustworthy imaging services that capture detailed images of the body's internal structures as accurate diagnoses are crucial, in developing effective treatment strategies.


Digital Xray

Digital X-ray is a modern type of X-ray examination that quickly produces a computer-generated radiographic image using X-ray-sensitiveplates, eliminating the need for an intermediate cassette.

High Frequency

The use of high-frequency X-ray technology results in crystal clear images with the lowest possible radiation dose exceeding the performanceof conventional X-rays. This technology typically cuts exposure time by 30% andreduces radiation dose by 25% The addition of computed radiography furtherenhances the quality of digital X-ray images.


Ultrasound is an imperative medical imaging exam that utilizes sound waves to obtain images of internal organs and structures without invasive surgery, making it a valuable tool in modern medicine.

Pediatric Echo Cardiography

In Balaji Healthcare we are committed to providing echocardiogram a highly effective procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to create a detailed, moving, two-dimensional image of the heart on a screen. It's an effective way to identify potential heart issues in children.

Fetal Echo Cardiography

Fetal echo is an efficient diagnostic tool that employs sound waves to examine the heart of your developing baby which detects, heart defects can before birth, increasing the chances of successful treatment. Early identification of any potential heart problems is crucial in ensuring the best possible outcome for your baby's health.

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