Cardiology is a specialized field of medicine that focuses on the heart and its disorders. It encompasses the identification and management of various conditions such as congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, electrophysiology, and valvular heart diseases. Balaji Healthcare provides the wide range of tests used in developing effective treatment stratergies.


12 Channel ECG

The 12-channel ECG test allows for the simultaneous recording of twelve leads, providing an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the heart's electrical activity which is an effective way to identify a range of heart conditions.

Echo Cardiography With Color Doppler

An echocardiogram is a highly effective diagnostic tool that utilizes high-frequency sound waves which helps in generating an image of the heart. with theadditional use of Doppler technology, it is possible to determine the speed anddirection of blood flow enabling accurate diagnosis and effective treatment forthe various heart conditions.

TMT (Treadmill Test)

TMT is an acronym for Treadmill Test, which is conducted to evaluate the stress on your heart. This test provides crucial insights into how far your heart can endure before it experiences abnormal rhythm or decreasedblood flow enabling doctors to closely monitor the heart's response to pressure.

Holter Monitoring

A Holter monitor can diagnose an irregular heartbeat orpalpitations that an EKG or ECG didn’t detect. A Holter is a helpful tool indiagnosing the problem It records yourheart's activity over 24-48 hours whileyou go about your daily activities. After which the doctor analyzes andsuggests the best course of action.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Measuring your blood pressure continuously for 24 hours ismade possible through Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring. These monitors are highly effective in diagnosing arrhythmias, which refer to irregular heart rhythms after which the doctors help you for an effective treatment.

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