The Balaji Healthcare laboratory department uses patient samples to detect diseases or medical conditions. Recognizing the specific diagnosisand stage of a condition makes treating diseases easier for the overalldevelopment of a patient.



The study of pathology requires a thorough understanding of diseases, including their origins and how they impact the body. A pathology test involves examining a sample of your body's tissues. Tests such as blood tests and urine tests can be included in pathology


This test includes a set of blood tests that assess the functioning of important organs and systems, including the liver and kidneys. These tests can be conducted on an empty stomach or not and are typically accompanied by a complete blood count (CBC).


The Haematology test is a comprehensive blood test including ESR, reticulocyte count, and bone marrow biopsy with differential count. It aids in diagnosing anemia, infection, hemophilia, blood clotting disorders, andleukemia.


Microbiological testing involves analyzing patient samples for microorganisms to diagnose and treat infections. The best results for Microbiology culture testing is obtained from aspirates, fluids, and tissue specimens, while swabs are commonly used when other options are unavailable.


Histopathology is a test where a pathologist uses a microscope to examine a thin layer of tissue (a specimen) obtained through biopsy or surgery to detect disease or cancer.

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