Diagnostic Services


Uroflowmetry is a test that accurately measures the volume, speed of release, and duration of urine.


Pulmonary function testing assesses respiratory health through history, exams, and tests to identify lung dysfunction.

Lab Tests


DPN damages peripheral nerves, causing loss of sensation. VPT is used to test for this loss of sensation.

Foot Pressure Test

Analyzing foot pressure distribution can reveal gait asymmetries and lower limb dysfunction, aiding clinicians in identifying and treating biomechanical issues that cause lower body pain.

Sleep Study

A sleep study known as polysomnography monitors brain waves, oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing, eye movements, and leg movements to diagnose sleep disorders.

Doctor Consultation

Balaji Healthcare's team of medical professionals is highly experienced and dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive treatment and the best possible care to improve their overall health. The doctors are available on (days) from (timing).



Balaji Healthcare Pharmacy provides medications, medical equipment, and guidance to ensure safe and effective usage by patients and healthcare practitioners.

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